August 14, 2013

Like a phoenix (down) rising from the ashes: Project Phoenix Kickstarter!

Project Phoenix is a SQUAD-BASED, REAL-TIME STRATEGY GAME combined with strong Japanese RPG design influences, brought to you by top Eastern and Western creators who have worked on many blockbuster game titles.

Project Phoenix Kickstarter

Oh the possibilities! For a RPG enthusiast like me this is like a dream come true! Indie JRPG aww yeah!

I think the naming of the project has been really appropriate. JRPG in general has been in a continuous state of decline for quite some time now. While the graphic and the quality of CGI cutscenes of JRPGs did become fancier, the gameplay and the story saw no improvement at all, and the ever-changing battle system is really, just old wine in a new bottle (The same can be said of JRPG as a whole). I have high hope in this project, which brings together the best talents from both East and West. If this project ever to become a success, it will (or I hope it will) not only revitalize the JRPG industry, but set the new standard for the games to come as well - truly like a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Watch this YouTube video, enjoy some early concept art, and let's make this a success!

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